Training Services

There are many learning methods, which become very expansive to train your resources to either start a new project or maintain existent applications. Not to train the resources will become even more expansive.

Most of the training institutions offer a week to 10 days training on technical subjects, for example Oracle offers 3-5 days training courses. When the students complete a course, most likely won’t learn enough to be effective at the job and need to spend lots of time with the course materials in front of computer with the course materials to figure out how to use the tools properly, let alone what is the effective way to use it. At the end, the employer hires contractors to develop application, if lucky to find skilled ones. An organization will pay even bigger price for not training its’ resources, because at the end of the project, the organization won’t have enough skilled resources to maintain the application that has been development.

We at Dss Solutions and DssInfosys offer “Online Training” as a self-learning process for those individuals who doesn’t have time to attend a live class or to bring themselves up to speed on certain subjects. Please Go to DssUniversity for complete list of course offering and classes schedule.

Sample Dss Solutions "Online" Offering:
  • Data Integration and Data Warehousing:
    • Data warehouse Development and ETL process using DATASTAGE
    • Data warehouse Development and ETL process using Oracle OWB 11g
    • SOA Data Integration using Oracle ODI 11g

    Business Intelligence:

    • Business Intelligence using Oracle BIEE 11g
    • Business Intelligence using Business Objects

    Application Integration (SOA) :

    • Oracle SOA Development Process
    • TIBCO SOA Development Process
    • OOAD & SOA Utilizing UML Methodology

    Test Automation:

    • Quality Assurance Testing Utilizing Mercury QC
    • Test Automation Using QTP

You are not just hiring a resource; you are hiring the Dss Solutions years of experience to serve you. We will be with you till job is done per your expectation, and Dss Solutions guarantees it.