About Us

Dss Solutions is globally known leading edge cross-industries actionable business analytics solutions provider that served our clients’ total IT and business solutions requirements in Healthcare, Utility, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Government and to name just few industries, since 1992 utilizing Dss Solutions talented technical and business SME resource pools and innovative “Center of Excellence” delivery methodologies with onsite, offshore and hybrid models. Dss Solutions has Offshore Development Centers, like DssInfosys,DssCloudSolutions, Wipro Ltd and Hexaware with different focus solutions that provides IT and Process outsourcing services globally to our client with no quality degradation by focusing exclusively on maximizing client returns from outsourcing and off-shoring. Dss Solutions being the Microsoft, Oracle, SAP Business Object, MicroStrategy and SAP Business Object partners, we have access to vast partner resources and support on delivery sound solutions with most technically advanced leading edge technologies.

We have extensive experience in architecting, designing, developing and managing large IT applications as well as in providing high value services around packaged enterprise applications on-premise, online and on-cloud. Our experience in the business process outsourcing arena fully complements and strengthens our service spectrum and allows us to operate as an enterprise-class solution delivery company. Our solutions aim to provide high value by optimizing cost of ownership of technology investments for customers.

Dss Solutions has a client base comprising several Global 1000 organizations and SMB. Our commitment is to provide solutions that translate into tangible business outcomes for our customers. Our ‘”Center Of Excellence with client in mind” approach generates high business value for customers and rich dividends to Dss Solutions in the form of a continual stream of repeating business. Dss Solutions’ domain capability expertise and reduced learning curves enables significant solidity in time-to-value deliverables. Our client-centric philosophy is further strengthened by a robust Key Account Management process to find more ways to delight our key customers and grow market share.

The company’s onsite/offshore/hybrid delivery model provides significant cost savings. Our development centers are assessed at SEI CMMI, ISO 9001:2000 and TickIT certified. These help us to continually provide high value, high quality deliverables to our clients. We have consistently delivered to client expectations and have established long lasting relationships with them.

Our experience and Dss Solutions management strong commitment to serve our clients and you is a guarantee of success for any size project; Dss Edges, Dss Testimonies demonstrate our commitments for excellent client services and achievements.And Dss Mission supporting Dss Vision, to use the leading edge technologies effectively to provide the best and most cost effective solutions to our clients, position us as the most reliable and affordable Solutions Providers. Please refer to “Executive Briefing” demo to illustrate Dss Solutions capabilities to serve your IT and business requirements. While you are there, you can download Dss Solutions company profile for your future reference.


To support our Indispensable vision, we have committed the following building blocks of our visionary commitments with Dss Solutions “Center Of Excellence” delivery methodologies:

BUILDING VALUE for our customers is how we differentiate our business from our peers. It goes beyond executing projects, reducing cost or augmenting technical skill sets. It is all about assisting customers in achieving their business goals through superior execution, best-of-breed solutions and responsive service.

CUSTOMERS are the reason why our business exists. Managing and Exceeding the Customers Expectations by providing exceptional customer service to meet and exceed their expectations will remain our priority.

INNOVATIVENESS is being able to apply uncommon thought to arrive at a more efficient, elegant and sustainable solution to a customer problem.

TECHNOLOGY is the tool that we will leverage to build a viable and cost-effective solution. We will create exceptional competencies in all business-critical technologies of current or future interest of our customers

TALENT is our key asset that we will constantly enhance and develop by harnessing the full potential of our people. Our Human Resource Capital will become our source of competitive advantage.

Delivering and maintaining Dss Solutions mission gives us extensive competitive edge over our peers.


To reduce our clients IT cost by transforming their on-premise IT operation to cloud with maximum security and high availability with Software as a Service (SaaS), Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

To emerge as a client-centric single source of Cloud Information Technology and Business Intelligence solutions provider by building synergic relationships between business and technology to give a competitive edge for all round excellence of our customer performance.

To be recognized as IT and Process outsourcing service provider globally, by focusing exclusively on maximizing client return on investments.


Dss Solutions impressive “Center of Excellence” delivery methodologies features several unique advantages that ensure high quality expertise and cost efficiency. Here is a high level snapshot of topics, and please refer to “Center of Excellence” for more detail:

Outsourcing models
Outsourcing can be very costly, and sometimes hopeless, if you don’t have a complete infrastructures setup with proven-to-work delivery methodology. Dss Solutions has excellent track record in building, operating and delivering solutions from very large offshore development centers located on different sites with different focus solutions. We offer proven business model for customers looking to exploit delivery capabilities across the globe. Our models provide a framework for outsourcing large application and product management services and provide the customer with economies of scope and scale.

Leadership in niche areas
Dss Solutions has demonstrated leadership and expertise in focus areas.

SMB Total Cloud Solutions
Enterprise Application Integration with Business Intelligence
Enterprise Data Integration and Master Data Management
Many years of research and commercial experience on Predictive Analysis and Data Mining
E2E Test and QA with 100% Business Requirement Traceability
Our enterprise class solution offerings combined with best-of-class enterprise integration skills are our key differentiators against competitors.

Focus versus generic strategy
In alignment with our focus on select areas, our investment and focus is dedicated on growing to attain leadership in each sector. This has helped us to compete and win in these areas against much larger and more established vendors.

Domain expertise
Another key differentiator is our emphasis on bringing in domain experts in almost every project. All our practices are led by experts in the respective areas.

Our size-the right size
Being a right-sized company, we have the ability to demonstrate adaptability and flexibility in our operations to suit the dynamic needs of our customers. The company has demonstrated capability in meeting resource and infrastructure requirements for large projects, at the same time remaining small enough for relationship comfort.

Effective delivery
We have invested in building significant onsite delivery and consulting capability to absorb the process overheads of offshore by locating our business practice leaders, account managers and top management team in North America. This structure enables quicker decision-making and ease of access to customers.

Innovative & Flexible Contract Mechanism
As a mid-size vendor, Dss Solutions provides a great deal of flexibility in both the contractual and delivery models. This includes using innovative pricing and payment models that meet the unique expectations of its clients, as also optimizing its SEI CMMI Level 5 processes to meet specific customer requirements. Working relationships stretch from fixed time/fixed fee to time and material.

Multi-Cultural Dimension
Dss Solutions operates on a global platform, working with several Fortune 500 customers in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific. This gives us a unique understanding and access to not only the business practices but also the cultural and work-ethics in different regions and industry sectors.

Process and Methodologies
Dss Solutions has institutionalized a number of processes and innovative methodologies, which has built in risk mitigation strategies and cost efficiencies. Our approach addresses the key issues of transition management and operational efficiency improvement.