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Businesses are undergoing a fundamental shift in the way they make decisions. In today’s rapidly changing environment, decision-making occurs more frequently and at all levels of an organization. Having access to your company’s crucial information and using that business intelligence to achieve strategic enterprise-wide objectives differentiates highly successful businesses from potential competitors.

The Oracle EPM and Fusion Intelligence for PeopleSoft Enterprise Rapid Start
The Oracle EPM and Fusion Intelligence for PeopleSoft Enterprise Rapid Start compiles services into deliverable-based offerings that draw on Oracle’s experiences with more than 600 successful customer implementations. By leveraging a proven implementation approach, the Oracle Rapid Start enables Dss SOlutions, the Oracle vendor, to quickly launch a successful deployment of the Oracle Business Intelligence suite.

The Enterprise Performance Management Key Benefits:
Dss Solutions experience with “Oracle EPM and Fusion Intelligence for PeopleSoft Enterprise Rapid Start” lays the groundwork for continued business intelligence application development and deployment across the enterprise by providing:

  • A solid foundation for future development by following leading business intelligence best     practices
  • Predictable implementation cost and timeframe to help you plan for and stay on budget
  • Faster return-on-investment through on-time project delivery, reduced total cost of     ownership, and minimized risk
  • Reduced implementation complexity by leveraging experienced consultants, well defined     scope; a proven methodology; and product expertise

How We Do It
The Oracle EPM and Fusion Intelligence for PeopleSoft Enterprise Rapid Start solutions have been designed to address three levels of customer needs:

Pilot Offering (A): This offering has been designed to assist customers with the development of a functional pilot that can be used to gather support within the organization and/or facilitate end user education and requirements definition.

Intermediate Offering (B): The intermediate offering assists your organization with a production deployment based on well-defined, limited-scope business requirements Concluding with a best practices workshop and a planning session, this offering provides a solid entry point for expanded deployment.

Extended Offering (C): The extended implementation supports the launch of an ongoing business intelligence program and can be considered as a full Phase I deployment, covering all project tasks required from development through production. The extended offering provides the best foundation for building enterprise-wide business intelligence solutions.

Each Oracle Rapid Start offering is built upon proven cost estimates based on numerous implementations and our tools-based methodology. A Dss Solutions Business Intelligence Solution Architect will validate the scope of each bundle against your defined requirements to confirm complete alignment.

How We Are Different
The Dss Solutions Consulting team is focused exclusively on Oracle Technologies, and we have the experts that others turn to for leading practices in Oracle software implementations. We know Oracle best and can provide your business with tightly integrated, comprehensive, superior services throughout your ownership experience.

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