Consulting Services

Our Enterprise Solutions Consulting services are offered to clients with needs ranging from development of offshore strategies, improving efficiencies of technology investment, cost control as well as achieving Business Transformations. We help our clients define and execute plans for investments that optimize the Total Cost of Ownership.

    Some of the benefits to clients include:

  • Enabling the move to Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) platform
  • Leveraging BPO effectively through our global service delivery models and integrated IT-    BPO offerings
  • Increasing the ability to use technology in more places, more innovatively
  • Making the enterprise more agile so it can respond to changes or new opportunities in the     market faster
  • Our aim is to utilize our deep knowledge of technology to help clients in situations such as these:

  • There is a lack of alignment of technology with business objectives
  • IT investments focus on short-term benefits and do not leverage its potential to deliver     long-term business value
  • The ratio of business value derived to cost incurred is not satisfactory
  • Managing spaghetti architecture that has resulted from heterogeneous systems and     add-ons and incremental enhancements to applications over the years
  • Inability of legacy systems to address the growing business needs
  • Huge total cost of ownership
Effective Solutions Assessment

The Dss Solutions Technology Strategy Consulting Group assesses different technology strategies for clients. These strategies are then structured – through strategic, architectural, operational and implementation roadmaps – to complement business goals and objectives. They are then intelligently integrated with our technological expertise and domain knowledge to drive business growth for the client. Dss Solutions has demonstrated capabilities in delivering business transformations through multiple legacy modernization and BPO engagements with leading global clients.

The consulting service broadly includes Offshore Advisory, Rationalization Advisory and Architectural Consulting.

Data management—grid computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA), and business intelligence software sits at the core of your business. But once you capture your critical enterprise data in the industry’s leading enterprise infrastructure, how do you take full advantage of the different Oracle and our other partners technologies platform? Dss Solutions Consulting can help you unlock the power of your solutions and deliver better results from technology investment—increasing operational efficiencies, driving down costs, and securing vital data.

System Performance And Architecture (EAI)

Oracle Fusion or any other leading edge Middleware consolidates a portfolio and customer-proven software into one product family—delivering the most expansive yet tightly integrated infrastructure software offering available. Dss Solutions Consulting can help you to assemble, optimize, and manage this valuable portfolio of software and put your business data to work, delivering maximum value from your Oracle investment. Combining Oracle and other partners solutions, Dss Solutions Consulting will help you streamline and optimize business and IT operations, increase the accuracy and timeliness of business decisions, secure critical enterprise data, drive compliance, and minimize business disruption.

SOA means flexibility: based on loosely coupled services; SOA can adapt as rapidly as your business requires—reducing costs, improving efficiency, and aiding system integration. Oracle’s SOA solution is the industry’s most comprehensive offering, addressing the full-spectrum of SOA requirements and helping IT managers reduce cost and complexity. Oracle consultants can help you deploy SOA to streamline your systems and give line-of-business managers the flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions. Oracle Consulting’s expertise—matched with the SOA functionality built into Oracle Fusion Middleware—can help your enterprise IT achieve greater alignment with your core business objectives.


Organize your business processes into common services to reduce the cost of maintaining business rules in multiple systems
Improve the visibility of applications to strategic management in organizations
Reduce risk by providing a single point of execution for all process

Enterprise Data Warehouse, Data Integration and Master Data Management

The Oracle Database is the leading database for data warehousing implementations, providing a highly scalable platform that can manage amounts of data greater than 10TB. Built on this platform, Oracle offers a comprehensive portfolio of technology and applications for data warehousing that integrate the latest in query, data indexing, data mining, and analytic functionality. Additionally, Oracle’s experience with Very Large Databases (VLDBs), multi-user data marts, and variety of platforms and operating systems (including UNIX, Windows 2000, Linux, and others) is demonstrated by the number of successful customers running Oracle data warehouses today.


Deliver a data warehouse solution that is stable, accurate and accessible to the lines of business
Build your data warehouse on an integrated, single-vendor,platform—served by an extensive ecosystem of partner solutions
Minimize project risk with Oracle’s proven database technology and acknowledged best practices for data warehousing

Enterprise Business Intelligence and Knowledge Discovery (Data Mining)

The biggest threat to your business is a lack of timely and accurate information. If you base your business decisions on guesswork, you may miss a critical business opportunity or suffer a significant financial loss. With a complete, pre-integrated technology foundation that reduces the cost and complexity of building and deploying enterprise BI, Dss Solutions Consulting can help you turn your enterprise data into actionable information. Giving managers more control and driving strategy and performance in your lines of business, Partners’ BI solutions can increase your operational efficiency, track the effectiveness of your efforts, and identify new streams of revenue.

Information generated by an intelligent enterprise is useless if it’s not put to work in the lines of business. Oracle’s integrated reporting and analytics solutions are built on a model-based platform that increases the accuracy of enterprise data and delivers actionable information—increasing your confidence in the foundation of key business decisions. Oracle consultants rely on functional and technical expertise to understand your reporting and analytics requirements and provide a solution that can be tailored to enable your company. With accurate, predictive reporting and analytics, you can find patterns and insights hidden deep inside your enterprise data, giving you a competitive advantage in the market.


Leverage the expertise of Oracle Consulting to build an industry-specific,best practices-based reporting and analytics solution
Pull together business data from a variety of sources to get a complete and accurate view of your enterprise
Reduce user barrier to entry with easy-to-use interfaces,built for line of business managers
Build your analytics solution on an integrated, single-vendor platform—served by an extensive ecosystem of partner solutions

Enterprise Performance Management

Performance management takes more than simply implementing a series of scorecards and dashboards. To have impact, performance management must align with your business objectives and arm your business leaders with information that allows them to understand the financial impact of operational activities. Oracle’s solutions for corporate performance management (CPM) and enterprise performance management (EPM) deliver business intelligence, planning and budgeting, consolidation, profitability management, and analysis and reporting capabilities by aligning the right information and resources to your strategic objectives. Oracle’s CPM and EPM products create greater business insight and help organizations achieve world-class performance, regardless of industry or business size.


Use Oracle’s performance management applications to align operations with corporatestrategy, manage risk, and enable collaboration across your enterprise
Oracle’s prebuilt performance management applications reduce the cost and implementation time of your performance management solution
Oracle consultants put their functional and technical expertise to work—drawing on experience from hundreds of implementations to understand your business requirements for performance management

Application Consulting

Dss Solutions partners’ powerful, information-age applications touch every part of your business—from payroll and human resources to manufacturing and warehousing. But are you getting the optimum results from your applications? Dss Solutions Applications Consulting can maximize your investment in your Oracle E-Business Suite, PeopleSoft Enterprise, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, or JD Edwards World and other partner’s applications—connecting and automating your organization and creating an information-driven enterprise.


Implementation Services: Simplify your implementation with repeatable, cost-controlled, out-of-the-box solutions, built by expert developers and proven by successful customer implementations
Upgrade Services: Let Dss Solutions experts help you get the most from the latest versions of our partners’ software
Global Solutions Delivery: Combine on-site and remote resources to match the expertise, solution, and cost for your consulting engagement—implementing, maintaining,and improving your software while reducing your overall total cost of ownership