Business Intelligence

Business benefits gained by deploying a data warehouse solution are obtained through BI tools leveraged by the business user as predefined dashboard, Scorecard, KPI and reports or self-serve analytics and predictive analysis solution. The most widely accessed information is delivered in the form of reports. More sophisticated users who need to formulate their own questions and produce their own reports or spreadsheets use ad-hoc query tools. On-line analytical processing (OLAP) tools provide the ability to rapidly manipulate Data-Marts and cubes, are particularly useful for performing trend analyses and forecasting. Where a very large number of variables are present and the goal is to determine an appropriate mathematical algorithm to determine likely outcomes, Analytical tools can be leveraged. All of these BI tools from Oracle, Microsoft, and SAP/BO can produce results that are viewed through dashboards or portals.

Analytics Solutions Advantages:
The Enterprise Business Intelligence is a generalized term applied to a broad category of applications and technologies for gathering, storing, analyzing and providing access to data to help enterprise users make better business decisions. Amongst others, Business Intelligence applications include the activities of decision support systems, query and reporting, online analytical processing (OLAP), statistical analysis, forecasting, and predictive analysis. An alternative way of describing BI is: the technology required to turn raw data into information to support decision-making within corporations and business processes.

Analytics Solutions Key Benefits:

  • Having Single Point of Truth for Business
  • Make better decisions with timely reports and increased collaboration.
  • Real-time analysis of information on integrated systems.
  • Having Business scorecards per Subject and KPI

Analytics Competitive Edge:
At Dss Solutions, our EBIs solutions offerings provide your organization with direct access to the seamless Enterprise Integrated solutions that will help you respond quickly to emergent business opportunities and rapidly changing market trends. With our hybrid dedicated EBIS teams with years of experience, Dss Solutions EBIS solutions frameworks can be customized to address your domain-specific requirements. We have extensive experience in Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, Utility, Oil & Gas and Government industries. Such varied domain experience, along with our alliance with global vendors in the field and cross-technology competency drive your information Integration from a departmental to an enterprise-wide initiative. As an end-to-end service provider, we consult, architect, integrate and manage your EBIS operations to ensure that you stay ahead in today’s competitive business environment.