Leadership Through Strong Partnership.

The successful deployment of Intelligent Database and/or Enterprise-Class Business Intelligence solutions requires a close interaction among the Development team and the clients’ subject experts with a powerful project Tracking system. We work together to ensure that applications are seamlessly developed and deployed, while providing the highest possible performance to endusers. Dss Solutions® uses the tools and technologies that are provided by its partners in conjunction utilizing its Design tools(DssAnalystics® andDssBIModeler®) and Project Tracking tools (DssOCRM and DssPTMS®) to provide a Total Turnkey Solutions to its clients.

We use our partners tools and solutions in conjunctions with DssProductivityTools®, Design Methodologies and Standards to achieve Dss Solutions’ high standing goal.

At Dss Solutions, we work with different type of partners; the Application Prtners provide us with application, like ERP, that we would customize for our clients per their business requirements by going through the complete Application implementation lifecycle utilizing the client and/or our SMEs; the Solutions Partners support our teams to utilize their solutions and/or tools for implementing solutions for our cleints per their business requirements and going through complete SDLC, like Data Integration, and the partners will update us first with the latest tools modifications; the Development Partners from different ODC work as Dss Solutions subsidairies, will help us on developing solutions for our clients under Dss Solutions project delivery management and utilizing DssProductivitytools®.

Our goal at Dss Solutions® is to efficiently deliver a high-quality project. Our track records have shown that we have saved over 50% of development cycle time by utilizing DssAnalystics® and DssBIModeler® to reduce design complexity, DssORCM® and DssPTMS® to reduce project management complexity, DssSecurAgent® to strengthen application security, and DssRUM® with a DssKBase® system for quality assurance and proven-to-work reusable components. As a result, we deliver on-time and on-budget as we planned from the start of the project.