Application Integration

One of the challenges facing modern organizations is giving workers complete and transparent access to information, often within real-time. Although solutions for this challenge have existed for nearly twenty years, most of them were created either in haste or without a centralized architecture plan. Implementing an Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) solution permits companies to provide employees with the information they need to make business critical decisions. Using SOA platform for an EAI solution enables organizations to meet their immediate EAI requirements with an agile platform that can readily be adapted for future business needs.

The EAI & SOA Solutions Advantages:
Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) Reduces the time and cost to deploy your integration solutions with a comprehensive set of solutions based on the principles of a service oriented architecture. These solutions will enable more efficient business operations, consistent and accurate information, and greater business insight through the seamless integration of your applications, processes, information and business partners. Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology and framework from Oracle, TIBCO and our other partners can provide your organization with the flexibility it needs to make changes to your business processes quickly. At the same time, our SOA partners’ platforms enable complete visibility across your business processes, so you can better serve your customers.

The EAI & SOA Solutions Key Benefits:

  • Reduce cost through elimination of manual data entry
  • Reduce maintenance costs through disintermediation of end-point services
  • Reduction in human related errors from re-keying of data
  • Move from batch to real time data updates, which leads to better decision-making and better service levels

The Dss Solutions Competitive Edge providing EAI & SOA Solutions:
At Dss Solutions, our EAI & SOA solutions offerings provide your organization with direct access to the seamless Enterprise Integrated solutions that will help you respond quickly to emergent business opportunities and rapidly changing market trends. With our hybrid dedicated EAI and SOA teams with years of experience, Dss Solutions EAI & SOA solutions frameworks can be customized to address your domain-specific requirements.

We have extensive experience in the Utility, Oil & Gas, Healthcare, Finance and Insurance, Manufacturing, Telecom and Government industries. Such varied domain experience, along with our alliance with global vendors in the field and cross-technology competency drive your information Integration from a departmental to an enterprise-wide initiative. As an end-to-end service provider, we consult, architect, integrate and manage your EAI operations to ensure that you stay ahead in today’s competitive business environment.

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